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We are in a perilous moment in time. Finding new answers how to lead into a sustainable future is more critical than ever.

I provide powerful enabling spaces to access your inner resourcefulness and to cultivate collective action for meaningful, sustainable change.

Are you ready to realize your deeper dream
of human becoming?

Clients don’t bring a coaching issue. Clients bring a life issue that touches upon multiple dimensions in their lives, for example the institutions they work in, their relationships, their social and economic contexts, their leadership style or their cultural values and deeply held beliefs. As these aspects influence each other and co-evolve in a complex dance of interdependence, it is critical to understand and engage with the deeper, underlying principles of change. This allows to build much deeper contextual capacities that last, never mind if conditions or circumstances change again.


As an integrative change practitioner, I stand firmly on an inter-disciplinary developmental framework and set of practices. This allows me to shift between roles and context, to attune to whatever arises in the moment, and to focus on addressing your issue at hand without losing the thread or being confined to one disciplinary silo.

I help you explore the inner landscape of our unfolding so that you can deepen your relationships, improve your performance and become a successful agent for change.

​Over the course of my varied career, I have worked in the IT and public relations industries as well as with diverse actors in the global peace and conflict sector. My roles included, among others, Deputy Chief Human Resources for the United Nations mission in South Sudan, Knowledge Management Specialist at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Quality Management and Performance Improvement Officer at a United Nations regional service center, and Strategy Consultant for the Afghanistan High Peace Council in Kabul.


In the past I also worked with the African Union, the Center of International Peace Operations, the Center of International Migration, with Afghan civil society actors and governmental departments.


I also collaborated as Senior Research Associate with  London School of Economics Complexity Group during which I co-edited a Handbook on Research Methods in Complexity Science (2018).

As of 2020, I live in Taipei and work as in independent integrative development practitioner, change manager and coach. Taiwan Employment Gold Card holder.

I am passionate about leading and inspiring others to grow personally and professionally. I bring vitality and enthusiasm to the discipline of integrative development work. Born and raised in Germany, my deep curiosity led me to explore different cultures and various professional paths, allowing me to explore what it means to face new challenges, to navigate in complex organizational and societal environments and to deeply appreciate human connections and collaboration.


I am a lifetime learner with a proactive attitude, high sensitivity and emotional intelligence, allowing me to engage and motivate colleagues, teams and leaders alike. My ability to foster relationships and build consensus, along with my solutions-oriented attitude, have been instrumental in working towards successful organizational transformation.


I listen deeply and I observe holistically in order to help my clients identify and cultivate their most impactful capacities so that they can respond to today's challenges with wisdom, purpose and compassion.

My professional education includes, among others:


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