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When you dedicate your life for a cause you care deeply about, it can be hard to see your way through the challenges you face.

I'll help you gain new perspectives to envision and shift from potentiality to actuality.

Are you ready to realize your deeper dream
of human becoming?

Pivotal moments in our lives call upon us to transcend how we make sense of the world, what we hold dear, and what constitutes our identity. They require from us to ask deeper questions:


  1. How can I navigate the whole tapestry of life with care, attentiveness and joy?

  2. How can I dedicate myself to future possibilities and bring about a new stage in life?

  3. How can I become more skillful to take care of what’s truly important?

  4. What can I (re)discover in order to live my life with more depth, balance, and truth?

Coaching is a holistic, mindful and results-driven invitation for personal growth that enables you to become humbler and bolder, proactive and co-creative, grounded and visionary.

I invite you to work with the stories you are facing so that they turn into opportunities for lasting learning and development. I will work to understand you deeply, and to support you in your own program of inquiry, practice and growth. Week by week, as you take on new practice, observe yourself in action, and reflect, you’ll find yourself developing new kinds of skillfulness and approaching what’s important to you in new ways.

My approach is based on an integrative framework that is deeply rooted in theory, research and practice, bringing together ancient wisdom and cutting-edge insights from cognitive science, psychology, adult development, neuroscience, somatic work, complexity thinking and other disciplines.

Situating & Committing

Creating a safe space of welcome and acceptance to allow you to become present, foster commitment and to discover the initial contours of your intentions and challenges.

Exploring &

We will explore more deeply what you are looking for, wanting to gain, yearning to learn or change in order to move forward in new ways.


Experiencing &

We will shift the focus from the past and present into future possibilities, creating new experiences that allow you to embody new insights right from the start.


Sustaining & Cultivating

You will learn how to ever-more deepen and enrich your new capacities, skillfulness and excellence in a self-correcting, self-generating way.

Here is what you’ll get

  • You discover and train in a bouquet of skills that support you towards your longer-term purpose. Insights alone do not bring forth outcomes. It is practice that brings forth such enduring competence, that can be seen and felt, with actionable possibilities for your personal and professional success.

  • Even if you came to address a specific topic, greater fulfillment arises as you experience being more intimate with yourself. Activating deeper layers of your qualities naturally enlivens a stronger felt sense of presence and joy.

  • You are transparent to yourself of discrepancies between what you intend and the actual outcomes. Wisdom and kindness emerge, as you acknowledge gaps between your values and your actual actions, and act to bridge that. Your inner coach awakens more and more.

  • You activate self-care and renewal for yourself, recognizing more of your inner and outer resources. Your sense of resilience, expansion and inclusiveness grow as you hold vaster complexities: those unlike yourself, paradoxes, the unknown, the fears and losses. You develop
    an ever more extensive worldview that inspires you and others.

Image by Daiga Ellaby
We are borne into worlds ruled by paradigms which remain invisible unless we reflect. We can change paradigms. We can create a better world, if we go back to the thinking that shaped it and change it. We can improve and innovate our schools of thought and consequently the practices of governing the Anthropocene.
Louis Klein

Here is what you’ll avoid

  • Unnecessary uncertainty and emotional struggle

  • Relentless inner criticism, self-doubt and resignation

  • Waste of inner resources, fragmented and pessimism

  • Increasing opportunity cost as you continue to find yourself stuck

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